Jumaat, 22 April 2011

Tentang Novel Marked

Novel ini meruapakan salah satu novel berasaskan kisah fantasi pontianak
karya P.C Cast dan anaknya Kristin Cast.

"In Marked, 16-year old Zoey Redbird is marked by a Tracker Vampyre, transforming her into a fledgling, or vampyre-to-be. Due to this, Zoey is forced to give up her human life and move away from her family into the House of Night boarding school, where she is to be educated in becoming a vampyre, while her body is to make the vigorous four-year change into vampyre that some do not survive. However, Zoey initially finds herself distinctively different..."

RM20.00 Termasuk kos pos biasa Malaysia

Sila e-mel: jualbeli@1malaysia.my untuk membeli.

Terima kasih.


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