Selasa, 4 September 2012

Komik Concrete #1 (First Print) 1987 series! "A Stone Among Stones"

Concrete #1 (First Print) 1987 series! "A Stone Among Stones" (A Stone Among Stones, Volume 1) [Comic]

Paul Chadwick

Dark Horse; 1ST edition (1987)

Formerly Ronald Lithgow, Senate aide, speechwriter, and the least dynamic of men. But when he had his pudgy, soft body exchanged for on enormously powerful and encrusted with a tough outer covering, he chose to use the opportunity to become an adventurer. His plan: to mount expeditions, dare great things - and write about them to earn his way. His reach often exceeds his grasp, however. Things tend to go wrong for Concrete... Read about his adventures in this first issue of Concrete!


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